2013 AR-15 . com Pro-Am Stage 7

Stage 7: “Gran….”

Today we take a look at the last stage on the Amateur side of the event.  This was the sixth stage that we shot for the event, and the heat and humidity were taking it’s toll on us physically.  There was very little shade to support this stage which made it a bit more difficult.

All 3 guns in this event.  Start with pistol and hose the targets.  Pick up shotgun and shoot the steel, transition to rifle get the paper targets, and then the two long range targets at 170 (ish) and 205 yards.

Evidently I failed to video Laura’s run.  You are stuck with my painful run only.

Here we go….

This should have been an awesome stage for me.  I can make all kinds of excuses (see lessons learned) but the bottom line is I made a couple of poor decisions in my stage plan, and failed to execute on a couple of simple shotgun shots.  It cost me.  Oh and my fitness level was impacting those long range shots.  I just didn’t settle in the way that I should have.

The cost:  10s on the shotgun “issues”.  20s wasted in that kneeling rifle position.  Stage killer right there.

Lesson learned:

  1. Sometimes it is good to listen to others advice.  Sometimes it backfires.
  2. On a hot day even when you think you are well hydrated you are not.  Find the Gatorade (or similar).
  3. Technique:  There are some good technique critiques here too.  Those are all on me because I know better.


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