Lionheart LH9

I have heard a lot lately about the Lionheart LH9.  I had seen a lot of reviews, from a lot of folks that spent a fair bit of time with this new (to the US) pistol.  Yesterday, I had a chance to spend some time with one myself, and I was impressed.  Here are a couple of the more detailed reviews from folks, and then I will tell you what I found with my limited time with the gun.

I really liked my limited time with this pistol.  It has a nice weight to it, it fit my hand well.  The trigger mechanism takes a little getting used to but it is sweet.  Short travel in single action mode, and just enough weight to it to know your pressing the bang switch.  Easy to sight, and seriously accurate.

I was out shooting concealable options and pulled this one from the rental case on a whim.  I wound up shooting this more than anything else all day.  This is a gun that shoots well, and is comfortable in your hand.  If you have a chance to put one through it’s paces give it a try.


For those that recall “Gone in 60 Seconds” Nicholas Cage had is Eleanor, a 1967 custom Mustang.  Everyone has their “Eleanor” in whatever hobby the happen to be passionate about.

When we take a look at firearms, there is a variety of weapons that are out there have played a significant role in our history that people are passionate about.  The modern firearms are outstanding tools but they don’t yet have the mystique and mythical stories associated with them that others do.

My uncle and I were speaking about shooting a few months back, and he was proudly telling me that “Everyone of my guns has a story behind it”.  That is pretty cool, mine collection is developing their own stories but it is a work in progress.

If you look back into history, at all of the firearms out there what is your Eleanor.  The one difficult piece that would make your collection whole.

For me I think there might be two:

1.  Thompson Sub Machine Gun.  (Tommy Gun)



The stereotypical firearm that you think of when you think of the “roaring 20’s” and the era of Prohibition.  A firearm that was well used and respected in WWII.  Yeah, I think this is my Eleanor.

A nice article on this piece can be found and TFB The Most Effective Portable Fire Arm In Existence 1925 – The Firearm Blog.


2.  The Colt Single Action Army

Introduced in 1873, no Colt revolver has earned greater fame than the Single Action Army®, The Peacemaker®. In design and performance, in line and form, no more sculptural and practical Colt has ever been created

3coltA Single Action Army.  The Peacemaker.  This is Eleanor’s little sister, for me.

What is your Eleanor?