Independence Day Parade

I think I have covered how this “team” manages to keep ourselves a little overextended with our time.  I talk a lot about the shooting sports here but I don’t always cover some of the other things that keep us busy as well.  4th of July around here gets a little tricky, and one of the reasons why is parades!  Everyone loves a parade and the local Independence Day event is really a small town effort that is a lot of fun.  It also means that Daughter Number One is out there with her friends.

2015 CL Independence Day Parade

Facebook Page

While Havoc 5 focuses primarily on our family activity in the shooting sports, we do have a very diverse range of interests and hobbies.  Recently we opened up an Athlete page over on Facebook for Daughter Number One.  Between this H5 site and facebook you are likely to see a broader variety of content.  Please be sure to head on over to facebook and follow the adventures there as well.