Training Time

Getting geared up for a couple of significant events here.

First we have the Babes with Bullets 3 Gun Camp coming up in early April.  Taking advantage of the alumni status that my wife has with BWB we are headed down to Shreveport to spend some time working the 3 Gun techniques with the allstar BWB staff.  That in turn will translate to the BWB 3Gun Challenge at RockCastle in August (for my wife).  Since I am 47th on the waiting list, we will have to see if I get to shoot it as well.

That said, I “had” to spend some time tweaking my wife’s rifle and scope yesterday.  Getting it working, and zeroed in.  I think it is pretty much there.  I didn’t try that hard to get a “perfect” group, and just shot a quick five string “acceptable” sight picture.



I think she can live with that.

I had another member of the Havoc 5 crew with me to work on her technique.  I think she had fun.  Poor quality cell phone photos but, meh, we had some fun.


I couldn’t capture the brass in the air in the low light of the range, but you can see it streaking from the ejection port.


It was a good day.

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