2013 AR15 . com Pro-Am – Overview

The AR15.com Pro-Am for this year is over, and I am experiencing a let down.  It is such a great event, and I have such a great time at it that I am sad that it is over.  This year was the second time that I shot the event.  Not only did my performance improve greatly but, my wife chose to shoot the event too.  And there were a lot of friends that we have made over the past couple of years that were there as well.  All of those factors just made the event that much more enjoyable.

What happens when you put 1000 people together with high performance guns, in a shooting venue?  A lot of noise.  Many piles of brass and hulls.  There was much exchange of currency.  A lot of good conversation, a lot of laughter, a handful of tears, and some unique experiences for all to have.

On the amateur side of the event we shot seven stages over two days.  The terrain was varied, and the weather was hot, humid, and a bit unsettled with a thunderstorm or three that rolled through.  The stages were pretty creative without being too difficult.  They seemed a little simpler than last year but, with the increased longer range targets they probably were about the same.

I had a simple goal this year.  Do better than last year and have fun.  My more specific goals were:

  1. Finish in the top half of my division (last year’s goal)
  2. DO NOT hit the par time on any stage
  3. Stretch goal:  Finish in the top 50
  4. Super Stretch:  Break the top 25 on a single stage

Remember those goals, when I conclude this series we will see how I did.

Over the past couple of years, my wife has been fortunate enough to attend a few Babes with Bullets events.  This year the concept of a BWB 3 Gun Challenge was born and she jumped at the opportunity to participate.  As a result of this affiliation, we saw a lot of familiar faces,  made some new friends, and had some of the best mentoring that you can find.  I think it also took some of the butterflies out of Laura’s environment.  Surrounded by a squad that only wants to help you be successful is a wonderful environment to work in.

Even though it was HOT and HUMID and a very long drive to Kentucky and back it was worth it.  A lot of fun, and lot challenges and just a good time.  Rockcastle is a great venue for these events and is only getting better.  We renewed old friendships and made some new friends.

AND we were fortunate enough to shoot a suppressed .45 in a cave, in the dark, with night vision.  How cool is that?!


More to come.  Stay tuned.

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