2013 AR15 . com Pro-Am Stage 1

As I post through these stages I am just going to go by the stage number rather than our shooting order.  It should be easier to track that way.  Some of the video is not perfect, in fact there is one stage where the video was just incomplete.

Stick with me, enjoy the video I am still learning how to best accomplish this stuff.  I will put a mashup of 6 of the 7 stages at the conclusion of the series.

Stage 1.

Creatively titled AM-One.  The initial stage brief called for both pistol and shotgun.  The stage changed before the match got underway and it moved to just shotgun.  23 targets, 21 plates and 2 pepper poppers.  Several no-shoots, and nine targets that had to be taken through a low port.

First stage of the match, I kind of forgot that it was a race. Reloads needed to be faster, and the transitions should have been faster. I was still watching the plates fall and not just moving to the next one. I could easily see 20 sec coming off the score. Fastest run for the stage was 43 sec faster than I was. Taking 20 sec of my time would translate into roughly 15 points and a top 30 finish on the stage. In the overall standings, that would have been a 17 position improvement. Must work on reloading, and waking up for that first stage of the day / match.

In this game the hare seems to win, not the tortoise.


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