2013 AR15 . com Pro Am Stage 2

Stage 2 on the amateur side  “Escape From…”.  Pure speed stage, and fun.  Starting in a seated position with hands on knees.  The loaded shotgun and the loaded pistol or rifle flat on the table.  Engage plates with shot only, ground the shotgun and then engage paper with rifle or pistol.

Fun stage. We lost the shotgun portion of my run, when the camera did not get started quite early enough.

Fun stage, I could have been a little quicker on transitions and shooting while moving. What is hard to see here though is that it was really easy to overrun your shooting spots for the targets. From that left wall corner I could see the two paper on the right, and one through the port. I needed another 12-18 inches to see the next target to the right in the port but you lost sight of the right hand targets. The transition of putting the shotgun in the barrel was SLOW. If I remember correctly I actually got hung up for a half second in placing it in. A few little improvements would translate to a big movement up the ladder on this one.

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