2013 AR15 . com Pro-Am Stage 4

Stage 4 “Every Which Way…”

Stage 4 of the event was the last stage that we shot. It had been a hot two days and we were in the worst of the heat and humidity, down in a draw at “Cowboy Town”. The stage presented some challenges. At first glance it seems like a pretty straight forward stage but there were multiple ways. The key was your weapons were on the bench and unloaded. You had to shoot through four different shooting positions with the pistol and four with the rifle. The movement was entirely lateral. No forward and back movement.

Our final stage so of course, we had some shuffling of the shooting order and some malfunctions of video equipment to deal with. Unfortunate because I had a pretty respectable run, and I would have liked to have tracked where I dropped two shots.

It was a fun stage, the three long range targets ranged from 130-170 yards and the paper was all within 25 yards. Around the trees, through the windows, weapon manipulation, a little movement, memory drills on what to shoot from where, a little bit of everything.

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