2013 AR15 . com Pro – Am Stage 6

Stage 6 – “Thunderbolt and…”

A relatively simple stage that was a lot of fun. Two long range flashers and then a number of pistol and rifle targets through various ports or barricades. Starting position and weapon were your choice. Because the dump bucket was on the left, everyone chose to start on the right work to the left, change weapons and work to the right.

Here we go…

I had a very respectable run on this stage. The first place finisher was 34.95. The second place was 40.51 a huge difference. Most of the top 10 were in that 41 second range. I had good accuracy but was slow on my movements and manipulation of the weapon. I need to learn to transition between weapons more quickly. Shooting faster with accuracy wouldn’t hurt either. So, three takeaways: Movement, weapon transition, quicker sight picture.

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