2013 AR15 . com Pro-Am Stage 5

Stage 5 High Plains

This stage could / should have been a rocking stage. It was the second stage of the match for us and I was just not quite there. As a result, I did not respond as well to issues as I should have. Oh, and running down hill on wet grass with a loaded gun in your hand is a little intimidating. I managed it ok but could have pushed the speed more, and kept it up for a couple of more steps.

Shelly Rae, pushed it and wound up on her back in the process of getting stopped.

A straight forward stage. Move down the fault lanes and hammer the paper targets left and right. Move and nail the paper pistol mixed in with the 1/2 size rifle targets on the right. Switch to rifle hammer the paper left, and slide right hammer those, then come back to the long range. Alternatively, hit the long range (100 yd) target first then clean the rest.

I got wound up, and dropped two shots on the pistol paper just moving too fast. Then that 100 yd down hill shot that should have been a no brainer I could not settle my body in for and get a clean shot on. Overall disappointing, this stage could have resulted in a much better result.

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