Top 5 Finish

I will have more on this one later.  Short version, my wife and I shot a local multigun event yesterday.  I had a top 5 finish, and a stage win.

First time ever for either of those results, and I am certainly very pleased.  I still have a long way to go to reach where I think I can but a little bit of positive achievement (and luck) goes a long way.


It has been a busy couple of months here. I should know better than to embark on anything new during the last half of “the day job’s” fiscal year. There is a bit of catching up to do with a variety of events. Since the beginning of April, we have the BWB 3 Gun camp, Boomershoot, and a variety of local matches to talk about. So stay tuned.

The WIIT 2013 – Conclusion

This one got lost in my drafts post and should have been posted back in March.  After the Winter Indoor IPSC Tournament.  Here are the things that I have identified as areas of improvement.

Take Aways

  •  I need to work on barricades a little more.
  • Turn and draw, needs work.  I need to get my feet to move instead of floating through the turn.
  • Trigger reset:  Don’t get going so fast that you forget to reset the trigger.  Stupid mistake that happened more than once.  The bright side, I wasn’t slapping the trigger.
  • Shoot more steel, paper plates, whatever works.  Steel kicks my butt and it shouldn’t it should be automatic.
  • I really ought to put a little extra prep time aside for bigger matches like this.
  • Set some goals.  Measure your success against those goals.
  • Just because the guy in front of you on the stage ran it in 15 seconds (with an open gun and rig) doesn’t mean that you should be trying to run it in 15 sec.
  • If a GM in production runs the stage in 18 seconds, and you run it in 30 it gives you a new goal but don’t expect to be there today.


Not great but not too disappointing either.  My hit factor continues to climb which is one of the key metrics that I need to watch.  If I could knock down the steel arrays properly my times and HF would improve even more.

If you are curious about how the stages actually could have been run, well take a look at this fine video.

Ammo Crisis

A nice article posted up on the Tac-Strike website today regarding the Ammo Crisis and Quality Control.  It is a little long, but it is worth your time.

If you are an active competition shooter, or even a weekend plinker getting out there are running your gun is important.  We have all been struck by the current shortage of ammunition, and reloading components.  As a result, we are often going to unusual sources for our cartridges.  Take the extra couple of minutes to take a look at those cartridges as they are going into the cylinder or magazine of your firearm.  If it doesn’t look right, or feel right in your fingers it might be worth it, not to try and shoot that one off.

By the way, if you haven’t taken a look at the Tac-Strike target systems you should.  Rob has put together some nice kit to help you in your training.