Rockcastle Pro-Am 2016

Just made the trip home from Rockcastle Pro-Am.  I do enjoy this match.  I find the number of folks that I have met through the shooting sports to be pretty amazing, and running into them at this and other events is always a pleasant surprise, and experience.  The match itself was well run, and with one exception, I think that we ended up starting and finishing every stage early or on schedule.  In the past, that has rarely been the case.  While we did get caught up in some significant rain as the match was ending, we were fortunate to have nearly ideal weather of this time of year.  It was warm but not as hot as we have seen in previous years.

The stages were well constructed and provided some challenges without being too difficult.  As is common in these events consistency is the key to success, and I was the poster child for inconsistency this year.  My goal of a Top 25 finish will have to wait until next year.

Stage 1 was the killer for me this year.  On this stage my shotgun went south on me.  The lifter spring somehow went “sproing” and the gun was just not able to feed.  So after a 12th place finish on the stage immediately preceding, for this one I turned in 156th place finish, and that was all she wrote.  I had a couple of really awesome stages with a 12th and 19th place finish.  A couple that were a bit lower in the standings and the total disaster of having my shotgun fail on an all shotgun stage.  In any sport stuff happens that is out of your control, and equipment failure is one of those.  Still the good out weighs the bad, I had the opportunity to get into the match at the last minute and slide into a slot that was pretty much the same group of folks that I shot with last year.  I had a really great time and still finished higher than I think that I ever have at this match.  So, I am getting better at this sport and if I actually practiced a bit I might actually start meeting some performance goals.

A big thanks to Rockcastle Shooting Center for hosting and delivering a great event.  A bigger thanks to the ROs for getting everyone through the stages safely.  And a huge tip of the hat to the rest of AM Squad 9, thanks for welcoming me to the fold again this year.

For those that are interested 66th out of 165 was my final finish in Tac Optics.  I finished in the top half, which is another step in the right direction.

Babes With Bullets 3 Gun Challenge (Pt. 1)

A few years ago my wife was interested in learning how to shoot.  Being the smart husband that I am I gave her a minimum set of basics on safety and operation and then sent her off to a Babes with Bullets handgun class.  For her it was an experience that she thoroughly enjoyed, and came back with all kinds of stories as well as some new skills.  Fast forward a year or so and the Babes with Bullets organization decides to offer a 3 Gun “camp” that allowed the primary lady enrollee to bring a friend.  My wife quickly enrolled us, and we were soon off to Iowa to learn from the best in the business, and make some awesome new friends.  We have been returning to the BWB camps regularly because they are so fun (and instructor led training is important).

This year the BWB organization rolled out the 1rst Annual BWB 3 Gun Challenge.  Of course we decided that this was a must attend event, and quickly registered for the event with my wife, oldest daughter, and I all making the long trek from the upper Midwest down to Northern Louisiana.



We arrived at the famous Shootout Lane facilities Friday evening and were able to get a look at the stages that were awaiting us.  It looked like things had dried out from the torrential rains that they had been having in the area over the prior several weeks and that we would be good to go in the morning.  Well the rain gods had other ideas, and Saturday morning greeted us with hard, driving rain and thunder storms that turned the firm ground to standing water, and slippery mud.  None of that stopped us, and after a two hour delayed start we slogged our way through four stages of fun.  Fortunately, the rain pretty much held off for the balance of the day and we were spared a complete soaking while shooting.  We still were plenty wet and muddy by the time we wrapped up though.



As I get a chance to work through the video from the event, I will get some more images posted.  The short version is:

  • This was an excellent event that was executed well, in adverse conditions.
  • Everyone had fun.
  • Sponsor support was excellent.
  • We made some new friends, and reconnected with some old friends.

More to come.  Stay tuned.


Texas Wrap Up

I finally have a couple of minutes to catch up on the results of the Texas 3 Gun Championship.  As it was last year, this was an awesome event.  The crew (Kurt and Brian and everyone) works hard to put on a smooth running and challenging event and they did another awesome job.  The volunteers from the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets do an excellent job supporting each stage and helping things run smoothly.

Finally, it wouldn’t be an event without the sponsors.  Thank you for your support.

In my earlier reports, I indicated that I was struggling with some equipment issues.  I finally had one of my squaddies (thank you Nancy) run some video for me and you can see exactly what I mean.  I thought that I had it worked out but, apparently it was still an issue on Sunday morning.  The funny thing about this failure is that I jumped into the final stage of the match after this one and had the most awesome stage run that I have had in a long time (40th in the division).

Needless to say, it was a disappointing match for me.  I struggled with the equipment, I struggled with my mental game both staying focused, and in pushing myself, and I struggled with some of the physical positions just getting the position to be workable.  All in all, a great learning experience and while my overall finish was quite a bit lower than I would like and expect, (115/158 in my div) I have that last stage as a known capability and reminder of what to strive for.



For comparison purposes, here is the way that stage can be run.


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2016 Is Here

2016 is here, and I still failed miserably at posting “stuff” in 2015.  So, I think that we are going to leave 2015 in the past and crank thing up for the 2016 season.

The quick update to everything is, after shooting the last match of my 2015 3 Gun season at Polo 3 Gun in October I took some time off.  I shot a little bit of pistol at local indoor matches this winter to keep my hand in but, I just haven’t been cranking in the practice reps or the work to improve.  I suspect that this will show immensely as I begin to spin up for the season.  I have a feeling that I am going to be fat, and slow (what else is new) until I can get more reps in, and get the rust off.

I did have a chance to shoot an indoor, pistol caliber carbine, 2 gun match yesterday.  There were some good things, and there were some less than good things that took place.  I did have one awesome stage where everything worked right, and things came together.  I also had five less than awesome stages where mags fell out of guns, mags fell out of mag pouches, safeties got stuck, etc.  All that said, I did not DQ and I was pleased with my shooting, just not my ability to work the guns.  Only two people shot the match “clean” and one of them was me.  Which is my one of my three overriding goals every time I shoot.  Shoot safely, have fun, and shoot a clean match.  To top it off, one stage was fast.  I will take that every time.

I think it may be time to invest in a “Go Pro” or something similar as I seem to always forget to ask people to shoot video for me.

In any case, the season is started.  Time to start getting some practice in, and start concentrating of some respectable performances.

Dog Days of Summer: How to Beat the Heat on the Range by KARLA HERDZIK

After shooting a couple of really draining matches in Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia over the last month or so, it was time to write a quick piece about how to best beat the heat.  I probably still write a couple of pieces that discuss the different conditions that I found and the different tools that were and are useful to help combat the heat.  Until I can break away from the heavy day job workload a bit and do that writing, check out this article by Karla Herdzik.  Karla is an awesome shooter, and she has written a great checklist that hits a lot of the critical high points about staying safe in the heat, as well as keeping yourself in tune to perform.

Dog Days of Summer:  How to Beat the Heat on the Range by KARLA HERDZIK August is upon us and summer is in full swing!  For some, this means back-to-back-to-back…

Source: Dog Days of Summer: How to Beat the Heat on the Range by KARLA HERDZIK