Facebook Page

While Havoc 5 focuses primarily on our family activity in the shooting sports, we do have a very diverse range of interests and hobbies.  Recently we opened up an Athlete page over on Facebook for Daughter Number One.  Between this H5 site and facebook you are likely to see a broader variety of content.  Please be sure to head on over to facebook and follow the adventures there as well.

Happy Birthday – 239 Years

Happy Birthday to our Corps.  From the yardarms of the Revolutionary War through to current operations around the globe our Corps has served this country.  Today we mark our 239 birthday.  From humble beginnings in a small tavern in Philadelphia, to today’s active duty force of almost 200,000 our Corps has been the leading expeditionary edge for this nation’s interests.

As is customary, a couple of video celebrations for your viewing pleasure:

And the Commandant’s message