DPMS 3Gun Midwest Regionals – Day 1

Well day 1 is in the books, and I am up to shoot this afternoon for Day 2.

Day 1 results, disappointing.  Some mental mistakes, some physical mistakes (not sure why I missed the slug targets on Stage 3).  A lot of sun, some humidity, and all in all a lot of fun.

I had two really awesome (for me runs).  One was offset by me just blowing past two targets.  Just a lot of inconsistency really.

Today should be fun we shoot an all steel stage first, then an all shotgun stage, than a mixed pistol, and long range rifle stage.  Then top it all off with what I think might be the hardest stage of the course with mixed shotgun, shotgun slug, and moderate range rifle targets over uneven terrain with what will probably be a muddy / wet trail.  It should be a lot of wet, dirty, loud fun.

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