One of the things that I am constantly reminded of, and need to remind myself of, is that like any sport shooting is a set of skills that are built upon.  You have to have a solid grounding in the fundamentals and be able to execute them consistently every time.

Shooting like, hockey, or golf demands your ability to be able to execute multiple activities concurrently.  As an example, if you have to concentrate on skating your passing and shooting will suffer.  If you to concentrate on puck handling, your passing and maneuverability suffer.

I ran across this video from the MGM Junior camp from 2012.  The drills here are a notch above fundamentals (grip, sight alignment, trigger press, reloading, etc.) but they are some great tools to develop some intermediate skills, and the reasoning behind why the techniques work.  A great reminder of why and how we position ourselves for specific shots.  It’s a little long but there is some good stuff here.

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