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Well life in the Havoc-Five world has been busy and a fair number of things to catch up on in the near future.  In the interim, I wanted to get this quick little post out there for you.  We recently attended the Babes with Bullets (and friends) 3 Gun event, and one of the things that the Miculek’s introduced us to was this nifty little “matchsaver” device that debuted at Superstition Mountain the week before.

This is a very simple device, and one that you can easily make on your own.  If you prefer to purchase it, is the place to go.  I would expect to see something from Bushnell as well, in the immediate future.

This gizmo is just perfect for that one time that you mis-counted your reloads, and need just one more shell in a hurry.  But let Keith Garcia give you the rundown.  But since my embeds are not working, you will have to click here to see the video

UPDATE:  Embed working now.

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