Rifle Basics

Mike Seeklander has written a nice article for JP Rifles talking about some of the best ways to utilize your rifle when you need to shoot quickly and accurately.  He has some good descriptions about some minor changes in how you mount your rifle, and position your hands and body to improve accuracy in a dynamic environment.

In a situation where life and limb are at stake, speed and accuracy must always be balanced, yet prioritized. This means that while hitting is the first priority, specifically with the first shot, quick followup shots are extremely important to ensure that the threat is neutralized quickly and effectively. To fire quick followup shots, recoil control must be maximized. To improve your recoil control, follow these steps:

The article is a little dated having first been published in July, 2011 but it is a good reminder of the basics.

If you use your rifle for defensive purposes, or just for action competition there are some good points for you to consider.  Go to the link and read the whole thing.


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