The WIIT Report – Intro

The WIIT (Winter Indoor IPSC Tournament) is an annual event put on my the good folks at the Pine Tree Pistol Club.  They run four relays of 3 squads over through 8 distinct shooting stages.  Two relays are run through on Saturday and two on Sunday, with the stages being torn down and rebuilt once during the day.

I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of the stage switch over.  With over 60 shooters in the building plus all of the staff, and four stages being broken down and switched it had the potential to be a total Cluster.  In the end, it all ran very smoothly.

My better half decided that she was going to shoot the match as well, and shot it with a friend on Saturday.  Maybe we can talk her into sharing her story at some point.  Given where she is in her shooting adventure learning curve, she did well and more importantly had fun.

I think I am going to take my time breaking this match down over a few days.  As I go through each stage I am finding that there is a lot that I want to assimilate as I reconstruct those few seconds.  So bear with me over the next few days as I run through this, and kind of find the formula for the blog and how I want it to run.

The Equipment

For IPSC / USPSA I shoot production class.  At some point I would like to change that but for now, I want to improve in this class and focus on the basics that will make me a better shooter.  Back to the gear.  I am currently running a Springfield XDm 5.25 in 9mm.  It is stock, straight out of the box.  No trigger improvements, no grip tape, just the way it comes from the factory.  I use Blade-Tech holsters and mag pouches hanging off of a Double Alpha belt.  For this match I shot Freedom Munitions 9mm 115gr RN loads.  Straight from the factory and out of the box.  Yes, COMPLETELY stock stuff here that anyone can get off the shelf.

For those that care about these things, I am not being remunerated in any way by any of these manufacturers.  I just bought, and use their products

The Match

Eight stages, all indoors and one of them was a classfier.  As I said before, I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of the operation.  It was a good day.  The facility runs a LOT of fresh air through the bays.  I don’t know what their airflow volume is like but, the bays could be warmer.  When it is subfreezing outside, it makes for a bit of a chilly stage.  That said, the facility is much better than many of the indoor facilities that I have seen, and the members of the club have a pride in ownership that shows in the maintenance level and appearance of each area.  The lighting is excellent, the air flow is and ventilation is great and the floors all have a good texture to them.

Stay tuned for a rundown of the stages.




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