Those that have…

There is a common expression in the shooting sports.  “There two groups in this sport, those that have, and those that will”.  Last night I joined the group that “has”.



It had to happen at some point.  It will probably happen again at some point.  Given the just over two years that I have been playing this sport, I was probably past due to wind up with a disqualification.  Embarrassed, very disappointed, and frustrated though.

Thinking back on all the sports I have played in though, I have only had a few game misconducts, maybe one or two red cards, a couple of basketball games where I fouled out… this had to happen at some point, it could have been a whole lot worse.  The best and worst part is it happened at a local match, with a group of guys that know me well and were very empathetic about the situation.

Time to put this one behind me and go shoot 3 gun this weekend.

As to what happened, somehow (and I wish I really knew how because this is what is bothering me most) I brushed the trigger enough during a reloading sequence to discharge the weapon.  It bothers me that I really cannot reconstruct the event to know for certain where all my digits were at the time, at least then I would know where I was careless and what I needed to fix.


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